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New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute (Group 2, 80 Teachers)

6:00 - 9:00 pm

I. Welcome and Introductions (Hiller 5 minutes)

II. What is a New Learning Ecology? (Hiller 45 minutes)

  • Conditions of a New Learning Ecology
  • 5 Strategies for Professional Development to Promote a New Learning Ecology?
    • technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK)
    • project-based inquiry
    • new global dispositions and skill set
    • performance-based assessment
    • professional learning communities and networks
  • Models of Practice Incorporating Inquiry and Technologies

Take Picture of Group at 7:00 pm

III. What is BRS doing that supports a New Learning Ecology?(Thurs) - (John 30 minutes)
  • An update on activities at BRS that are currently aligned with the New Learning Ecology (gather information on these topics in our Monday meeting)
    • Technology activities
    • Inquiry activities
    • Global Learning
    • Assessment
    • Professional learning communities at BRS
  • In small curriculum or grade level focused groups, generate ideas for how BRS faculty can expand current activities and begin new activities that support the New Learning Ecology (report on wiki pages we create ahead of time)
  • Whole group debriefing

IV. What pedagogies and practices need to be acquired at BRS to support the New Learning Ecology? (John 60 minutes )
  • Review of of cool tools
  • Participants brainstorm practices integrating for technology in their classrooms
  • Participants design a lesson idea on the wiki using a template

V. How can BRS create a professional learning community to support the New Learning Ecology?(John and Hiller 30 minutes)
  • Discussion about how to use external and internal networks to promote a New Learning Ecology.
  • Wrap up and next steps
  • Introduce potential collaborating teachers in North Carolina

Pre-visit questions for teachers:

1. What technologies do use in your personal life and in your teaching?
2. What technologies do you students use?
3. Did you participate in the 2010 New Literacies Institute in Beijing?
4. What challenges do you have when trying to use technology in the classroom?
5. List 2-3 instructional strategies that you use regularly in your teaching?
6. What are the 2-3 things that you hope to learn from our training?