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Group members:

What is BRS doing well that supports the New Learning Ecology?

Below, list things that are being done at BRS as well as what you would like to do that support the New Learning Ecology.You should record your ideas on the page that links from your Table number below.
  • Invent your TPACK

  • Design project-based inquiries

  • Hone new global dispositions and skills sets

  • Become an expert in performance based assessment

  • Solve problems through professional learning communities and networks

What pedagogies and practices at BRS would be useful in supporting a New Learning Ecology? (John 60 minutes )

In the space below, brainstorm teaching practices for integrating for technology in your classrooms, Please list your names and the subject of your classes.

Below, describe a project-based inquiry lesson idea from your group that follows up on the ideas you listed above. You should work together on this lesson.
Use the inquiry model when developing your lesson.

Inquiry process.jpg

Fill in information about your project-based inquiry on the outline below.

Lesson topic:


Guiding question for the lesson:

How will students:
  • gather and analyze information?

  • creatively synthesize information?

  • critically evaluate and revise their work?

  • share, publish and act on their work?

What technology will be needed for this lesson?

How can BRS create a professional learning community to support the New Learning Ecology? (John and Hiller 30 minutes)