Group members:

Below, describe a project-based inquiry lesson idea from your group. You should work together on this lesson.
Use the inquiry model when developing your lesson.

Inquiry process.jpg

Fill in information about your project-based inquiry on the outline below.

Lesson topic: Advertisement

Subject: English creative writing

Guiding question for the lesson:
What is your favorite advertisement slogan?

How will students:
  • gather and analyze information?
Gather info.: Magazine,TV, Web: collect advertisement slogans; cut off pictures.
Analyze info.: The favorite or the most attractive phrase or word in the slogan. State the reason.
  • creatively synthesize information?
Categorize the words into groups. For example, positive words, adjective words. Find their similarities and the differences.
  • critically evaluate and revise their work?
Ask them to create their own slogan with their favorite phrase for Lenovo computer and vote it by the whole class.
  • share, publish and act on their work?
upload the video of the slogan to

What technology will be needed for this lesson?

discussion, video,


We would like for you to make a 30 second video describing your lesson idea. In your video describe the following.

  • Your inquiry question.
  • How students will access information in the inquiry and how they will share what they have learned.
  • What technologies you would use.