Group members:

Below, describe a project-based inquiry lesson idea from your group. You should work together on this lesson.
Use the inquiry model when developing your lesson.

Inquiry process.jpg

Fill in information about your project-based inquiry on the outline below.

Lesson topic:
The Life in ancient Greece
Marriage, Family, Children, Community

Guiding question for the lesson:

Why boys were very imporant in Ancient Greece?
What do you think of Fathers ususally choose the husband/wife for his children?
Do you think it is reasonable?

How will students:
  • gather and analyze information?
Search information from the text to support their idea

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  • creatively synthesize information?
They voted to show their ideas; some of them tried to find the information why the boys were so important.

  • critically evaluate and revise their work?
They worked with groups and asked others ideas, then they asked teachers comments to improve

  • share, publish and act on their work?

Group discussion and shared the idea with each other, then shared idea with other teams. After that, they did the presentation or made posters for the topic.

What technology will be needed for this lesson?
Google and baidu to search the relevant information, and teachers prepared PPT to show more about the ancient life in Greece. Then some material to compare what is the Greek life now. Use short clip video to lead in the new lesson.


We would like for you to make a 30 second video describing your lesson idea. In your video describe the following.

  • Your inquiry question.
  • How students will access information in the inquiry and how they will share what they have learned.
  • What technologies you would use.