Group members: Amy, Lily, Color, Amanda, Sisi, Sandy

Below, describe a project-based inquiry lesson idea from your group. You should work together on this lesson.
Use the inquiry model when developing your lesson.

Inquiry process.jpg

Fill in information about your project-based inquiry on the outline below.

Lesson topic: What decides one's understanding of historical event?

Guiding question for the lesson:
Is history equal to truth?

How will students:
  • gather and analyze information?
  • teacher can show some pictures first.
  • Library can provide some reference books.
  • Internet (biologies, videos, digital documents).

  • creatively synthesize information?
Filter the information--catergorize--draw a conclusion

  • critically evaluate and revise their work?
collect feedbacks from teachers, peers and parents by varies means ( email, face to face talk, phone, survey)to revise accordingly.

  • share, publish and act on their work?
upload to the internet
make brochure and poster
class presentation
spread worksheet...
collect feedbacks to revise and put them into practice.

What technology will be needed for this lesson?
Internet (wikipedia, online library) , video, activeinspire.


We would like for you to make a 30 second video describing your lesson idea. In your video describe the following.
  • Your inquiry question.
  • How students will access information in the inquiry and how they will share what they have learned.
  • What technologies you would use.