Group 1 should post their work on this page

Group members:

What is BRS doing well that supports the New Learning Ecology?

List below your ideas for how BRS faculty can expand current activities and begin new activities that support the New Learning Ecology (report on wiki pages we create ahead of time)

What pedagogies and practices need to be acquired at BRS to support the New Learning Ecology? (John 60 minutes )

In the space below, brainstorm practices integrating for technology in your classrooms, Please list your name and the subject of your class.

Below, sketch some lesson ideas that follow up on the ideas you brainstormed above. Please list your name and the subject of your class.

Use this template for each lesson idea.

Lesson idea 1
Lesson focus:
Guiding question:
Student learning outcomes:
Technology needed:
Procedures for students to inquiry:

How can BRS create a professional learning community to support the New Learning Ecology? (John and Hiller 30 minutes)

In the space below, develop a plan of action for your group to accomplish the goal of teaching for the New Learning Ecology

Use this template to construct one action plan for your group.

Who will be the lead teacher for the professional learning community?
What are your goals?
When will you meet?
How will you use technology tools?