Cool Tools Master List (This is an easy reference list of the tools that we frequently use in NLI sessions).

Animoto : Animoto is an application that allows you to easily produce videos from photos, video clips and music. Educators can apply for a free Animoto for Education account here


Blabberize: Blabberize is an application that allows you to speak through a picture.

Chronozoom: A timeline tool for visualizing "Big History" or the history of the cosmos.

Gapminder: Gapmindercan be used in your classroom to present world data visually in interactive graphs.

Glogster: Glogster is a tool that allows users to create interactive posters and Glogs.

Information Fluency Wizards Provides on-demand help using Google's Search Engine, and evaluating online information.

Prezi: Prezi allows you to create interactive and engaging presentation.

Quadblogging: QuadBlogging gives your blog a global audience that will visit your blog and leave comments.


Rubistar: Rubistar allows teachers to create rubrics easily.

SimilarSites.com Easily find similar Websites

SlideRocket: SlideRocket is a tool that allows users to create and share presentations.

Slide share:Slide share allows users to upload and share PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF.

Symbaloo: Symbaloo allows you to save and organize your bookmarks and easily access them from any computer.

SCIM-C: A multimedia tutorial for learning about document analysis in history


Today's Meet - Today's Meet creates a back channel with a private page for your group

ToonDoo: ToonDoo lets you publish and share your comic strips.

Tubechop: Tubechop allows you to chop Youtube videos and share them with others.

Vimeo: Vimeo is a video-sharing website.

VoiceThread - Collaborative multimedia slideshow which supports voice, text, and still images.


Xtranormal: Xtranormal is a free tool that allows you to create animated movies.